Meet the Cherry Beach Champions

As of 10/16/18


Legacy Circle
$10,000 and Above
Arthur C. and Rosanne Anderson Family
Randy and Melvin Berlin
Deer Creek Open Space Association
Richard H. Driehaus
Meg Foster and Christoph Bruns
Vaughn Gordy and Pat Mulcahy
Deborah Hall-Kayler and Allan Kayler
John Holmes and Jenni Sorenson
Kenneth and Harle Montgomery Foundation
George Lucas
Joe Mansueto
Peggy McTigue and David Miller
Steve and Carol Mullins
Bruce Murphy
Krista and Adam Parin
Susan and Charles Schwartz
Marnie Schwartz
Mark and Roxanne Skender
Kathy and Tom Stillman
Craig Williams
Thyra Zerhusen

Business Supporters
Black Currant Bakehouse
Blue Plate Cafe
Bronson Plumbing
Center of the World Woodshop
CIA - Combined Insurance Agencies
Harbor Country Cabins
Hearthwoods Custom Furnishings
Infusco Coffee Roasters
It's A Breeze
Lakeview Terrace Inc.
LH Longwood LLC
MAK Salon and Spa
Mesa Luna
New Buffalo Savings Bank
Olson Electric Inc.
Osborn Wealth Management
Pier Group HC / Dan Brake and Jan Smith
RE/MAX HarborCountry @ Union Pier
Red Arrow Ride
Rob Gow & Chris Pfauser Berkshire Hathaway
Scott D. Bloom - Architect
Smokin Woody’s
Stockholm Objects Inc.
Straight from the Lake
Stuffed Gourmet Pretzels
The Peasant's Pantry

$5000 - $9,999
Shirley Anderson
Maureen Culp
John and Nancy DiCiurcio
Angela and Eric Gershenson
John Hansen
Leslie Jones and Paul Zeller
William Patrick Kennedy
Bev and Jerry Kohn
Rex Martin
Susan Phelan
Preserve the Dunes
Charles Rizzo
Joanne and Mac Sims
The Earl and Brenda Shapiro Foundation
The Prairie Club
Susan Wilson

$1000 - $4,999
Laura Adden and Stacey Nevara
Jane Anderson
Lloyd Anderson
Margaret Anderson
D. Bruce Anderson
Arthur H Anderson
Justin Arch
Margaret Baczkowski
John and Leah Barnes
Karl and Judy Barons
Doreen Bartoni and Re'Lynn Hansen
Jean Beakey
Bob and Janet Beemer
Larry and Dawn Bergman
Phil Berman
Ruth and Larry Bloom
Peter Boerma
Carroll Bogert
Dan Brake
Bill and Terri Breach
Greg and Jennifer Brenner
Andrea F. Bucsi and Russ Baer
Brenda and Richard Carlson
Gail Chapman
John and Deborah Chipman
Joan E. Christ
Phyllis T. Christ
Lucy Christ Smith
Jeannine Cleary
Fredric and Eleanor Coe
Bruce Comiskey
Andrew and Margaret Cooper
Sarah Craig and Bill Pratt
Hilary M. Critchfield
Mary Beth Dickey
Jim and Mary Fran Dite
Douglas Dow and Pamela Fiebig
Carolyn Drier
Robert F. Easley
Lois Elia and Scott Sarran
Steve and Cindy Ellis
Zurich Esposito and Brian McCormick
David Foster and Melissa Wynne
Amit Gauri
Joseph Gaynor and Victoria Poindexter
Olga Georgiev and David Price
John and Shelley Giesecke
Beverly Gilmore
Jeffrey Goldberg
Jean and Mike Gordon
Chad and Heather Gradowski
Ann and Robert Graham
Bruce and Carolyn Graham
Joyce and Tim Greening
Olga Georgiev and David Price
Barbara and John Guinness
Robert Gustafson
Margaret Hageman
Steve Hall and Claudia Dawley
Amy and EnRico Heirman
Kevin Hochberg and James McDaniel
David and Denise Hughes
Chris Iannuccilli
Ann R. Ingersoll
Chris and Thayer Jabin
Douglas Jack
Pat Johnson
Janis Kanter
James Kartheiser and Kathleen Kennedy Kartheiser
Corinne Kereszturi
Peter & Jennifer Kindel
Steven Koch
Eileen and Rich Kochanny
Leo and Sue Krusack
Mina Kuppe
Eric and Audrey Lester
Hope Little
Chip and Suellen Long
Joan Lovell
Gail M. Lowrie
Lynn and Eva Maddox
Mike and Connie Magnuson
Jacob Mark
Vivian May
Steve and Kate McCurdy
Margaret McCurry
Jim McGinley
Roxane McLean
Ed and Jan Millermaier
Linda T. Neal
Nick and Molly Nocerino
Dorrie Nussenbaum and Beth Mueller
Diane Para and Arthur Croasdale
Richard Peloquin
Kyle Peterson and Max Stein
Pam Poindexter
Donald and Lesley Pratt
Leslie Prentice
Linda Puvogel and Michael O'Halloran
Grace and Scott Rappe
Frank and Theresa Richter
Viki Rivkin
Clay and Barb Robinson
Rhonda Rochambeau and Larry Shulman
Joseph Rochetto
Clyde and Nancy Rode
Bob Rosholt and Sharon Brunelle
Daniel N. Ross
Tom Rossman
Roger Rudich
Marieca Sharp
Carole and Tom Shortlidge
Dr. and Mrs. Stan Showalter
Scott and Holly Simmons
Stephen and Jean Smith
Michael Sara and Olivia
Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy
Doug Stephen
Lynn and Bob Stine
Rich and Joanne Sullivan
Coleen and Joe Svec
Betty Switzer
Garth Taylor
Thomas R. Tocalis
Frank and Janis Tomecek
Peter Tortorello and Bob Wolf
Franco Turrinelli
Maxine J. Van Eenam
Peter and Jean Van Nice
Craig Vogel and Karen Breen Vogel
John Wagner and David Bunte
Nancy Waichler
Barbara A. Warren
Patricia H. Werhane
Kevin and Siobhan White
Richard and Jamee Wiet
Gary and Leslie Wood
Tom and Lissa Yogan
Brad and Nancy Ytterberg
Stephen Zavodny and Beverly Hammel

$500 - $999
Ken and Anna-Maria Adair
Michael Alper and Helyn Goldenberg
Jay Anderson
Morgan Anderson
Ben and Mary Andrews
Howard and Nancy Ansorge
Damon and Tiffany Auer
Kate Bensen
Joan Berman
Aileen N. Blackwell
Kelly Boersma
Dr. Charles and Susan Borden
Jacquelynn and Stephen Bossu
Mr and Mrs R. K. Brodie
W. Noel Brown
Marie and Kevin Burke
Reute Butler and Manuela Hung
Joseph Cahill
Susan Crowfoot
Mark De Lancey
DuFour Family Fund
Brian Dunterman
Mary Ellison and Scott Golden
Barbara Engel and Jesse Hall
Gail Fisk
Robert Follett
Melissa Foster
Ellen Frankie
Terry and Donna Gaertner
Liz and Chuck Garasic
Sam K. George
Bob and Kim Glowniak
Susan Goldin-Meadow
Linda and Bruce Graham
Carol Grant
Christopher Hale
Jo L Haley
Terri Hanson
Tom Hemingway
Andy Hickman
Annie Hickman and Allynn Gooen
Anna Michelle Humes
Laura Jakes
Jonathan Janott and Donald Hermann
Marguerite Juliusson
Lori and Steve Kaufman
Mary Keefe and Bob Scales
Kate T. Kestnbaum
Vern Kits and Serena Wolfe
Lynette Kleisner
Jason and Michelle Kropp
Liz and Garry Lange
Knute and Jeanine Larson
Hannah Levine
Susan and Michael Levine
Robert Linton
Scott and Laura Malkin
Robert McDermott
Don Meckley and Rose Parisi
Lauren Miller
Firouzeh Naghdi-Ciaciura and Greg Ciaciura
Brooke Nyman
Kathy O'Brien
Yvonne and Bill Ornt
Drumm and Sue Osborn
Michael Palmer
Claudia Parish and Dennis Snow
Steven Parker and Ruth Rankin
Jack Pizzo
Marvin Pollack and Barry Taylor
Howard and Gloria Powell
Bill and Nancy Racine
John and Anne Rapp
Dave Repetto and Gail Isaacson
John A. Reynolds
Kathy Richland Pick
Tim and Janice Rowlison
R.W. and J.A. Rydholm
Steve Saunders
Janet Schrader
Barry Schroeder
Dennis and Elizabeth Sexton
Glen and Bonnie Sosnoski
Kathy and Collin Sprau
Nikki and Fred Stein
Dan Svoboda and Jeannie Shim
John and Pat Trakselis
Wendy Vasquez
Clare Waker
Tom and Deirdre Weeks
Fran Wersells
Elizabeth Wersells
Jim and Mary White
David White
Rachel Winpar
Pamela Zitello

Up To $499
Nic Acciari
Tom Adamczyk
Roseanna Adkins
Fakhruddin M. Admji
Stephanie Ahern
Regina Albrecht
Veronica Ambuehl
Charles Ammeson
Lianne Anderson
Pamela Anderson
Paul Anderson
Peter Anderson
Tim Anderson
Nancy and Walter Aque
Barbara Arsenault
Joan Arquilla
Nancy Baird
Andrea Baird and Kevin Brennan
Sandra Banasiak
Doug Barto
C. Baxter
Susan Beach
Carol Becker
Jerry Becker
Gary P. and Ruth J. Beckman
Pamela Behnke Catto
Steve and Kathy Beldorth
Kirsten Belzer
Howard Bennett
Bennett and Stein Families
Cindy and Terry Beverley
Julie and Randy Bladel
Mary Blochberger
Jacqueline Blodgett
Elaine Bloom
Jordan Blough-Orr
David Blum
Nick and Sally Bogert
J. Bogucki and Katie Garoutte
Christine Bohland
Vicki and Bill Boies
Joyce Bookshester
Beth Bradfish
Karen Brink
Juanita Brinkman
Sandy Brooks Pflughaupt
Chuck Bruckman
Tim Brunke
Laurie Bubble
Libbie Buchele
Nancy Buik and Jeff Wegerson
Alan Bulgrin
Katie Burdett
Susan Burian
Winn Burke
Sr. Cathleen Cahill
Janet Calkins
Linda Callans
Beth Cammiso
Dave Camp
Brian Cassidy
Maggie Cassidy
Patricia Cassidy
Peggy Cassidy
Darlene Catello and Dale Gibson
Thomas Cavenagh
Sarah Ceragioli
David Steven Chernoff
John M. Christian
Kelly Clark
Ann and Jack Clough
Patricia Cobe
Ruth A. Colby
Rebecca L. Collins
Theresa Connolly
Susan Cooper
Victoria Cooper
Rita Corley-Baker
Laura Creagan
Elizabeth Crites Chintapalli
Sherri Curry
Pat Curtner and Tim McGree
Anthony and Beverly D'Agostino
Beth Dahl
Stephanie Dalton
Austra Dambra
Alan DeBaugh
Carole Deutch
Rob DeVilbiss
Malissa Dieterle
Daniel Doerschner
Catherine Doll
Janice Dougherty
Liza Dougherty
Paul Driscoll
Richard and Vicki DuFour
Dan Dunham
Jeff Dunlap and Elizabeth Lindau
Linda Dunne
Linda and Tom Dunne
Donna Dutton
Jeff Eader
Mary R. Eberle
David and Susan Eblen
Catherine Ellenbogen
Mead Elliott
Douglas Elrick
Scott Elrick
Serpil Emre
Barbara Englebert
Kristin Englund
Joan Esposito
Tom Etchason
Constance Etter
Geraldine Fabbri
Robin Falconio
Bridget Fallon
Laura Fassari
Laura Fedak
John Feeney
Jeanne Field
David Fish
Charles Fisher
Mary (Buffy) Fisher-Dunham
Anne and Burton Fishman
Karen Fitzner
Bob and Mary Beth Flannery
Robert and Ann Flesvig
Francis C. and Marcy E. Ford
Tim Forrester
John H. Frambach
Martha Franklin
Madalene Frazier
Joe Galetto
Dan and Julie Galvin
Susan Garboden
Steve and Susan Garboden
Olga M. Georgiev
Jim and Lorrie Gibson
Alan and Jessie Gilbert
Larry and Laura Gilbert
Lynette Gilbert
Michael Gillispie
Mike Gillispie
H. James Gilmore
Anne Girton
John Girton
J Glavin
Pat Gleason
Tom Gold
Jim and Georgiana Gormley
Pete Govis
Clair Graham
Kathryn Graham
Matthew Grant
Sue and Joe Greiner
S. Grigalunas
Rob and Karen Groszewski
Viki Gudas
Tom Hackley and Emily Bettencourt
Ian Haight
David Hall
Susan Hall
Marie Hamilton
Marcy Hamilton and Mark McGrane
Kelly Hansen
Laure and Eric Hansen
Harbor Country Mission
Jim Harper
Carlee Harrington
Fredrica Hawkinson
Mike and Donna Heckathorn
Darlene Heemstra
Melissa Hellstem
Linda Henderson
John Hendrickson and Margaret Herbert
Mary Hendriksen
Victoria Herget and Robert Parsons
Nancy Hertel
Anne Hillman
Mary Hinz
Pam Hinz-Nicholson
Edward C. Hirschland
Edward Hoffman
Rhona Hoffman
Carol Hogan
Steve Hokanson and Janet Wolski
Susan Hook
Dan and Gina Howe
Lesley and Stephen Hughes
Richard Hughes
Steve and Brenda Ickes
Bob and Michelle Ingersoll
Jared Ingersoll
Martha Irvine
Jeanne James
Carl Jautakis
H. A. Jenkins
Eve Jensen
Toril Johansen and Raymond Fitzgerald
Cheryl Johnson
Mary Jo Johnson
Michael J. Johnson
Nancy R. Johnson
Sr. Marion Johnson
Cynthia Joho
B J Jones
Daniel Jones
Patricia A. Jordan
Debbie Jutzi
Allen Kamp
Cristy Kaniewski
Mark Kaplan
Demetrius J. Karos
Rebecca Karsten
Barb Katzfey
Timothy and Valerie Keefe
Paula and Mike Keller
Peggy Metz Kellum
Karen Joy Kelly
Maureen R. Kelly
Nicole Kelm
James C. Kennedy
Will and Amber Kennedy
Richard Charles Killips
Scott King
Steven and Martha King
Nadra and Al Kissman
Carla M. Klausler
Cynthia Knuth
Molly Kobelt
Laurie Koehler
Suznne Koenigsberg
Dr. William and Lynn Kolbusz
Gary Kooken
Peter Kortenkamp
Kate Kreinbring and Joe Halli
Becky and Tom Larson
Jennifer and Carl Larson
Patricia Lauth
George Lawton
Kevin Lee
Marjorie Lee
Mary Beth Lee
Seok Lee
Carol LeFevre
Peter G. LeFevre
Sharon Lemler
Audrey and Eric Lester
Joshua H. Levine
Mrs. Suzanne (Sheldon) Levy
Maureen Lewandowski
Kathy Lewis
Michelle Lewis
Susan and Michael Lewis
Lois Lipton and Peter Carey
Heather Long
Janet Long
Chris Lonn
Mary Lothrop
Kathleen Lucas
Lauren Luecke
Betsy and Jeff Lupetin
Carol Lutes Lewis
Mark Lyman
Pam Lynch
Roberta Lynch
Scott MacDonald
Peter and Magdelen MacEntee
David MacHatton
Dave Mackeny
Sara Mackey
Amy and Jeff Mader
Dale Magee
Lisa Magnuson
Marlene D. Magnuson
Teri Maki
Diana Maldonado
Laura and Scott Malkin
Melissa Mannion
Nicole Marchluk
Zbignew Marchwiak
Janis Marin
Sandi and Bill Marske
Jim Martin
Jim and Celeste Martin
Joe Martin
Julie Marton
James Maslanka and Catherine Giebel
Jeff and Jennifer Mathis
Natalya Matusova
Cyndi Maxey
Laura Maye
Mariele and Robin McBride
Carrie McCroskey
Jack and Susan McGrail
John W. McGrail
Deborah McGrath
Constance F. McKeague
Mary McPherson and John Gunner Gooch
Daniel J. Menitoff
Gabriella Meredith
Paul Meredith
Clay Miller
Robert Miller
Dolores Milus
Leah Moore
Tim and Kelly Moore
Wendy E. Morrison and Bruce E. Cohen
Bozena Mroczek
Colleen Murray
Shirley Myers
Joanne Nadelhoffer
Sarah Nadelhoffer
Barbara Naess
Jennifer A. Nagy
Sally Narey
Katie Nee
Lonie Nelson
Edmund Newman
Robert Nightingale
Jeanne North
Linas Noursis
Mitch and Ginny Novak
Cathy and Jim Nowacki
Susan O'Brien
Kari O'Connor
Darcy Oblenis
Layton Olson
Mary Orth
Lois Orth-Zitoli
Kathleen Osberger
Caryl Ann Osborn
Julie Osborne
Chuck Osgood
Susan Osnos
John Pace
Adrian Pacheco
Jeff and Sue Palmer
Gary and Cindi Papendick
Ibrahim Parlak
Mary Partridge
Alyson Payne
Rebecca Perez
Brett Peters
Julie Petertil
Florence Petrekk and Marie A. Drennan
Patricia Petrie
Werner and Sue Petterson
Nancy Phillips
Kathy Pilat
Jo A. Potvin
Jo and Claude Potvin
Larry Powers
Lynn and Michael Pregont
Alan Price
Louis and Barb Price
Elsie P. Priest
Ken and Cyndy Priest
Kim Pruitt
Patricia A. Putnam
Donna and Dave Pydlek
Ian and Jennifer Ram
Caroline and Ken Ramsay
Susan and Ed Ravine
Joseph and Jessica Reed
Greg and Barb Reese
Harold Rehnberg
Angela Reichert
Angela Reichert and Rick Ott
Deborah and Robert Render
River Valley Garden Club
Shaun and Kristin Robinson
Brittney Rogers Rogers
Paul Rook
Margaret C. Ross
Sandy Ross
Philip and Colleen Ruddy
Mindy Russell-Haight
Ruth A. Colby Charitable Trust
Lisa and Bill Ryan
Renee Rybik Grilec and Gerald Grilec
Richard Ryden
Laurel Salvador
Mark and Deborah Sanford
Betty Scanlan
Mark Scanlan
Julie and Gregg Schaffer
Wanda Schaffer
Ryan Schierholz
Ailene Schultz
Tracey Schumacher
Doug and Leslie Scott
Katherine D. Selcke
Kathleen Sellers
Lisa Semenic
Senger Family
Beth Sexton
Susan Shaffer and Truman Morrison
Gloria Sheahan
Jean Simmons
Nancy Simonian
Tricia Sintich
Sisters of Mercy
Faye Sittig
Cary and Mary Ann Skahn
C J Skorupa
Daniel Skorupa
Jeff Skrentny
Daniel Slattery
Kate Slattery
Ellen and Lewis Smith
Sally and Marty Smith
Warren Solochek
Arthur Soriano
Marge Spears
Rebecca Stafford
Michael Staszak
Angeliki G. Stathakis
Robert Stephen Jr.
Mike and Vangie Sternstein
Mary Strahota
Beth Straszewski
Mark and Allison Strauss
Susan Strieter
Jeff and Megan Sukich
J. Sugrue
J. Surdell
Laura J. Swanson
Patricia Swanson
Guy and Sandy Tardi
Thomas and Karen Tarpley
Robert Tatina
Mike and Doris Taylor
Shelly and Todd Taylor
Karen Teitelbaum
Jim Thomas
Sandra Thompson
Mimi Toelle and Doug Gillespie
John Trakselis
Susan and Richard Trimble
Fran Tuite
Anni Umbaugh
Jill Underhill and John Searles
Union Pier Beach Association
Romona Vaikutis
Grace Van Moer
Molly VanDerMeid
Loesken Vanderpoel
Scott Vargo
James and Lorraine Veldman
Anton Vesely
Gordon Waldron
Clare Walker
Corliss Wallingford
David Wallingford
Margaret Wangelin
Barbara Warhert
Gary and Cheryl Wasemann
Debbie Weber
Eugene Weil
Lee & Gita Weintraub
Dale and Beth Welling
Kimberlee Wendt
Alan Wenstrand
Lisa Werner
James Wessendorf
Marie L. Wester
Joyce White
Leslie Whittet
Brenda Whittington and Tony Margol
Steve Wicks
Carole Widmayer
Philip Wilkey
Blake Williams
Dianne L Williams
Dionysia A. Williams
Scott and Betsey Wills
Jeremy Winer
Lori Wolfson
Pamela Wrenn Anderson
Kathleen A. Wright
Ruth Wuorenma
Christiana and David Zilke
Rosemary Zimmerman
Thomas Zimmerman