Lakeside Cemetery

Lakeside Cemetery has two sections. The old section on the east side of Lakeside Road butts up against the Chikaming Country Club Golf Course. It is made up of four Blocks on 4.10 acres. The new section, on the west side of Lakeside Road, is made up of three Blocks on 6.27 acres. It currently has 960 plots, but is in the process of being expanded


Riverside Cemetery

Riverside Cemetery also has two sections. The old section is on the west side of Three Oaks Road and has 22 Blocks on 2.5 acres. This section is laid out in an ornate manner with circular and curved sections. The new section, on the east side of Three Oaks Road has 18 Blocks on 5.2 acres with approximately 3,458 grave sites.

SEXTON: Kirk Schrader - (269) 469-5481

Lot prices for Lakeside & Riverside Cemeteries:

Resident - $150.00

Non-Resident - $480.00

Additional Information:

Infant & Cremation Burial - $150.00

Saturday Infant & Cremation Burial - $175.00

Sunday & Holiday Infant & Cremation Burial - $220.00

Exhumation - $400.00

Footings - $0.35 per square inch (Min. charge of $40.00)


Annual cleanup happens right after Easter in the Spring. Watch the local newspapers for notice.

Open and Closing for Lakeside and Riverside Cemeteries


Resident- $400
Non - Resident - $560



Resident- $450
Non - Resident - $660


Resident- $500
Non - Resident - $715