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August 24th-10-11:30 am Harbert Community Park Shelter-Geocaching 101


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Geocaching- An activity for people to do in our Parks, Preserves, Beaches and Community

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Geocaching event-August 24th 10:00-11:30 am

Carl Sandburg Historical Marker at Harbert Community Park

The Park Board unveiled the Carl Sandburg historical marker at the 2015 Taste of Chikaming Event. Get the full story here.

A Tree for Jeanne

Jeanne Dudeck served as Clerk and Supervisor for more than 30 years. The Park Board honored her with the planting of a red bud tree in the Harbert Community Park on August 13, 2017. Dudeck was instrumental in getting the Carl Sandburg historical marker located next to the Welcome Pavilion. Dudeck’s life was celebrated by a large crowd of friends, relatives, co-workers and well-wishers who gathered in the park. Jeanne's husband Norman placed an American flag next to the tree planted in Jeanne’s honor

Harbert Community Park Skating Rink


The Harbert Community Park skating rink will soon again open to the community, along with the lovingly-named "Dinky Rink" for kids and beginning skaters. 

**Click here for more information on the current status of the rink.**

In 2017, the Park Board was a proud recipient of a Heart of Cook Grant. The grant allowed for the purchase of new ice skates available for community use, free of charge, at the ice rink for the coming winters.  If you're interested in using our skates, you will need the combination to access the storage area. Please fill out the form below and we will follow up.  

PLEASE NOTE:  The combination will be updated regularly.

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***We are excited that you want to utilize the ice skating rink. By filling out the form above, you (and those in your party) release all liability and agree to follow all safety rules. Please replace the skates, close and lock the door upon each entry, and especially after you have finished skating. When you are done with the skates, please wipe them off with the towel and hang the skates up properly.  Also, skates should only be used on the rink.  *Please don't walk around on the skates OUTSIDE OF THE RINK because the blades will become very dull.

The Planting Fields


The Planting Fields is a Community Garden Project at the Chikaming Township Park & Preserve on Warren Woods Road by the Chikaming Park Board with start up costs funded by The Pokagon Fund. The project will run each year from May through October. The project plans to provide an accessible water source, an organic compost pile, a mulch pile, and 20' by 20' plots. Gardeners can make a suggested donation of $30 per season to cover garden expenses or they can apply for a development grant. This is a community effort to bring healthy produce to every table in the area, so the Planting Field will have tools and helpful guidance available..

Garden Plot Guidelines: 1) Garden plots will be assigned to each participant during the registration period. 2) Gardeners are also asked to donate some time in the community donation garden to help neighbors in need through food pantries, churches and other social service organizations. 3) Each gardener is responsible for maintaining his/her plot and keeping the area surrounding the plot free of trash and litter. 4) Gardeners agree to garden organically. 5) Gardeners are encouraged to be conservative in the use of water. Use of sprinklers for watering is not allowed. 6) Volunteer participation is expected for the community gardening effort at fall cleanup time and for other garden activities. 7) The township is not liable for any damage, loss or claim that occurs in connection with the use of the garden plots.

How to Participate: Print out a ""Planting Fields Application Form" here, fill it out and mail it to the address on the form or drop it off at Township Hall, 13535 Red Arrow Highway in Harbert. There is a drop box to the right of the front door. For further information contact Arthur Anderson (aanderson@chikamingtownship.org) or call (269)586-4315.


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