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Chikaming Park Board
13535 Red Arrow Highway
Harbert, Michigan  49115

(269) 359-1117


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We greatly appreciate our volunteers! 

As a board we strive to actively improve our community and welcome volunteers who are interested in doing the same. If you would like to offer your time, we are building an email list that we will contact when in need. We promise you will not be bombarded with junk mail. The plan is to compile a list of folks who are passionate about our parks and beaches that can be called to action when we are in need of assistance. 

Over the past few years, our volunteers have added trail markers to their parks, tidied up the beaches, built trails, and much more! If this is of interest to you please contact us above. If the warm, fuzzy feeling you get when helping better your community is not enough, there are usually doughnuts.

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