The Mission of the Chikaming Township Fire Department and First Responder Services is to provide the best quality of professional life safety, fire protection, First Responder medical treatment, and to mitigate and manage all emergencies for the citizens and visitors of Chikaming Township. The mission is accomplished through being responsive to the needs of the citizens with an emphasis on emergency service delivery, training, ensuring fire code compliance, and public safety education.

Our Vision: The Chikaming Township Fire/First Responder services strives to meet the changing needs of the community for fire protection, pre-hospital and out of hospital emergency medical care and believes that by the timely application of the advances of both the art and science of fire and medicine to the practice of fire suppression and of emergency medical services, we can decrease suffering, improve the health of the community and save lives and property.


Chikaming Township Fire Department

13535 Red Arrow Highway
Harbert, MI 49115
Emergency number:  911
General Dispatch: 866-630-7679
Burn Permits: 269-469-1445
Fire Department: 269-469-6362
Fire Chief -

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Our fire Team

The Chikaming Township Fire Department has 16 active firefighters under the direction of Fire Chief Mike Davidson, Assistant Chief Mick Oldenburg, Captain Jeff Hischke and Lieutenants Dave Abele and Ryan Sullivan, and Safety Officer Mike Schuler.

Our Equipment

  • 2016 2000 gpm Heavy Rescue Pumper

  • 1992 S & S 3000 gallon Tanker

  • 2005 American LaFrance 1500 gpm Liberty Pumper

  • 2006 Ford F350 Brush Truck

  • 2013 Tahoe Medical First Responder vehicle

Our First Responders

What is a First Responder Service? Chikaming's First Responder Service provides for a licensed Medical First Responder to be on duty in the township to respond quickly to all medical emergencies to assist the patient until the Medic I ambulance arrives with licensed EMTs to transport the patient to the hospital.

The First Responder Service has 8 active Medical First Responders under the direction of Fire Chief Mike Davidson.